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A Message To Our Staff

To all Valued Patriot Employees from Garry Aronson
Director, Corporate Customer Service & Communication
I would like to take a minute to first thank you to all of our valued employees both in our offices and all of our Caregivers. As we have all gone through a difficult year, all of your dedication to Patriot has shown and it has not gone unnoticed. In this past year we have had many changes at Patriot beginning with the creation of the Customer Service Department. This department was created to make it easier for our Caregivers to call in and to have any issues they may have resolved ranging from general questions to Payroll. The department has been a success and we thank everyone involved in making it successful. 
We have also reorganized the EVV Department in order to make the process for verifying hours for our caretakers more streamlined and have eliminated timesheets as part of that process. We now do visit verifications which have
reduced caretaker payroll issues and have made sure that all caretakers hours are processed without the use of a timesheet. We also made it easier for our Caretakers to contact our EVV Department when calling in. When calling into
Patriot all you need to do is when you hear the new message with the updated prompts all you need to do is press option 4 and this will connect you directly to the EVV team and your EVV Coordinator. We listened to all of you and your
suggestions and have made this process easier. 
We will continue to keep all of you updated on new and exciting changes at Patriot and please don’t forget to follow us on social media. Again, thank you for all your hard work and dedication and please remember Patriot Cares. 
Garry Aronson 
Director, Corporate Customer Service & Communication